How People Find

I thought I’d share with you how the people using search engines (like Google) came to my blog today. It’s amazing how many hits I get from people looking for porn. Note the person who typed in “kenyon kenyon gay porn.” I have never done porn, whomever was looking to catch me out there!!

black gay 15
90210 13
no panties 12
nude gay 11
gay nude 11
blood diamonds 9
adrian curry 8
gay beach 7
aids in south africa 6
john legend 6
kenyon farrow 5
nude black men 5
gay nude men 5
black men nude 4
michael baisden 4
black porn 3
alvin ailey 3
aids south africa 3
mrsa bacteria 3
young gay men 2
nudi gays 2
mike baisden 2 2
blood diamonds in africa 2
gay porn 2
nude gays 2
black lesbian 2
panties or no panties 1
black anal sex 1
kimora lee simmons life in the fabulous 1
amerykah 1
3 am call hillary racist 1
what is the need for black press need? 1
super black gay 1
black nude men 1
black porn pics 1
african gay porn 1
blogger gay 1
dashikis 1
maxwell singer 1
what nationality is cheryl wray? 1
dawn robinson from en vogue 1
nude gay model 1
kenyon kenyon gay porn 1
1927 mississippi river flood 1
barak obama 1
need for black press 1
new amerykah: part one 1
gay black men 1
nude black fight 1

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