Hillary Clinton: A Lover of Democracy

Hillary Clinton, who has painted herself as the white working class hero, and the person who has “earned” her way to the Presidency (as opposed to Obama, who according to Geraldine Ferraro, is an affirmative action candidate) had this to say in to NPR about the battle over Florida and Michigan, and and how to best solve the problem of allowing people to vote in those states regardless of the debates (from this larger MSNBC story):

“On NPR this morning, Clinton called the Jan. 15 Michigan primary a ‘fair’ election. When asked by interviewer Steve Inskeep how it was fair when Obama’s name was not on the ballot, she replied, “Well, that was his choice, Steve.”

Thanks for the tip, A.L.

4 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton: A Lover of Democracy

  1. I know it shouldn’t, but too often the words coming from her mouth are so incredulous…I want to reach for a baseball bat!

  2. Ben, please, for your own being-well, do not get so angry at the words coming from the Senator’s mouth! Instead, consider watching “The O’Reilly Factor” for twenty minutes. You own anger should diminish while Bill yells at you how to feel about the issues. Now, returning to listen to the Senator, you should find her words soothing, while you take a bubble-bath, for example, or relax before bed.

  3. Hillary’s behavior regarding the Michigan and Florida primaries has been horrible, and plenty embarrassing, too.

  4. If that Hil Clinton is elected Prez I swear I will leave for Ghana the next day…

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