Teen Sex

I love it when people do clever anti-propaganda. Take a look at the original government PSA to get parents to talk to their kids about sex:

Pretty stale and stupid, right? Now take a look at this ad, which is a spoof of the prior one. If more PSA’s were done like this, people–especially teens–might actually pay attention.

3 thoughts on “Teen Sex

  1. You know full well that any so-called sexual health-related public education efforts have to go through all kinds of political wrangling before they or the funding can be approved. All the blue noses worry that if you talk about sex kids will only want to do it.

    You want responsible sex education? Fund it privately.

  2. The only real problem is that the “generation gap” has been filled by third-party interference rather than bridged by positive communication.

    This third-party interference is telling kids what they should be doing and how their parents are failing them. This same interference is telling parents what they should be doing and how their children are failing and being failed by the parents. It is no odd coincidence that the messages being generated by this interference are nearly contradictory to the two sides of the “gap”.

    We should be more focused on bridging the gap, not yielding to it.

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