Queers Go Off At Memphis McDonalds. And I’m Glad For It.

Without pictures or self-definition its hard to know how to actually describe the people involved in the following news stoy. The news story refers to them as “transvestites” which is such an old-school term. They may have been transgender women, they may have been drag queens. Whatever the case, watch this news story about an fight that broke out at a Memphis McDonalds.

The news piece is a hot mess. What is missing from this story, is why did the teller–by his own admission– “ignore” them when they tried to order at the drive-thru? And, what else was said to them that made them go the fuck off?

There used to be common knowledge in the Black community that you didn’t fuck with faggots, because “faggots could fight.” Sometimes I feel like if we got back to kicking some ass here and there, people would leave us the hell alone.

3 thoughts on “Queers Go Off At Memphis McDonalds. And I’m Glad For It.

  1. We’ll probably never know, but I’m guessing, the clerks saw transgendered patrons drive up, snickered and giggled that uneducated-ain’t-never-been-nowhere, don’t-know-nothing, just-smart-enough-to-work-at-Mickey-D’s kinda response to seeing people they consider wierd, and decided they weren’t gonna serve them. Then it was on!

    Teenagers in their first job need to understand that the purpose of business is to make money and that anyone with money who wants service is to be treated like everyone else.

  2. They should have known to stop when the bitches took their earrings and boots off. If the queen is takin off her accessories, she’s serious.

  3. kenyon wrote: Sometimes I feel like if we got back to kicking some ass here and there, people would leave us the hell alone.

    …not just sometimes….

    and i (at the advanced age of thirty) think there is a generational difference on both sides here. i’ve been snapped at by younger (radical-identified) queers for being too confrontational while being harrassed on the street (in situations where we outnumbered the harrassers).

    in the queer and genderdeviant (i’ll be ‘variant’ when they stop enforcing the ‘norm’ by killing folks) communities i came up in, we always gauged the appropriate response by our relative strength, because not pushing back encourages harrassment and assault.

    folks a queer generation younger than me seem to have absorbed the opposite instinct: that fighting back is to be done rhetorically only, even when you’re in a position of strength and able to win. ‘course, had i but known that the folks i was walking with were such determined passivists, i’d never have assumed they had my back and wouldn’t’ve sassed back.

    in some communities in memphis, apparently, that problem doesn’t exist. and it makes me proud to see that these folks seem (from this story, at least) to have made their point, made it well, and gotten away clean.

    i’m waiting for the next installment of “when trans* attack” with bated breath…

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