White Catholic Priest Gets Fox News Together

I enjoy nothing more than when I can step out of the way, and let the whites get other white people together. Case in point: A Fox News reporter thought they were going to sneak attack Father Michael Pfleger, a Chicago-based Catholic priest, about his relationship with Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Well, that reporter  was shut down. I have to say it is quite enjoyable when I don’t have to intervene, and I can put my feet up and let’s the white duke it out.  (If you missed Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s interview with Bill Moyers, it is definitely worth watching.) Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “White Catholic Priest Gets Fox News Together

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  2. “I’m not running for office. I’m running for Jesus.”

    “You like to pick out snippets of MLK’s “I have a dream… Read the whole speech… That’s why they killed him.”

    Thanks for posting this Kenny Boy.

  3. I really enjoyed this – especially that he touched upon the fact that a few people control the media choices (and beliefs) of millions of people.

    View it while it lasts, because it is FOXNews …

  4. Yeah, I enjoyed that one too. More conversations like this need to take place among white people. Calling each other on their bigotry will go much farther than any speech on race by Obama or anyone else.

  5. Here’s a little trivia!

    Father Pfleger presides over St. Sabina Parish on the south side of Chicago. He has been there for many years and is very outspoken in his political and social beliefs particularly where it concerns the black community.

    St. Sabina church is an all black catholic parish. It’s also houses the St. Sabina Catholic school of the same name where my favorite singer Miss Chaka Khan (raised Roman Catholic and St. Sabina parishioner ) spent her childhood years.

    Can you imagine? Lil’ Chaka in a Catholic school girl’s uniform?! Would’ve loved to have seen it:)


  6. I grew up Catholic, and have almost never felt a reason to be pleased with a Catholic priest. I know there have been some radical, amazing priests in history, but it seems the majority… well, you know.

    ANYWAY, this video was amazing! To see a white Catholic man stand up to that Fox idiot on race issues… it made my day.

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