Give Me That Ole Time Racism: Obama “Monkey” Shirts Appear in Georgia

I shouldn’t even repeat this by posting it, but a bar in Marietta, GA (a burb of ATL) has been making this T-shirt, which has Black folks protesting in front of the bar:

Photo by TimothyJ-Flickr

And this was a burb of ATLANTA!!! The new Black (Gay) Mecca. Is there any wonder why he didn’t win West Virginia? The Washington Post wrote about the racist shit that’s been happening to people campaigning for him across the country. The sad thing is that there is no way for his campaign to even address it publicly without playing into the “this is why he can’t win” narrative.

15 thoughts on “Give Me That Ole Time Racism: Obama “Monkey” Shirts Appear in Georgia

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  5. White people who lynched Black people weren’t just killing the people they hung; they were also sending messages. They were hoping to proclaim their superiority by attempting to dehumanize whole communities of us. Whenever I hear Black people refer to each other as ‘nigger’ without any regard or shame, it reminds me how those mobs, true terrorists who used that same word while ripping our living bodies apart and who hung and burned whatever was left, succeeded in their task.

    What they didn’t consider, though, was how they would also dehumanize themselves – and others like them. There have always been whites who have supported us; not just because we were Black but because it was the right thing to do. Still, I’m sure that the macabre spectacle of lynching diminished some aspects of those good white folks’ humanity as well, even though they would never participate in that barbarism themselves. They still had to live with knowing that their brethren could perform such atrocious acts to other human beings.

    I don’t evoke the horror of lynching to be incendiary – I have my own blog that 😉 – but that energy has existed before this country’s inception and permeates its very foundation. Of course that energy still exists in the U.S. – and not only south of the Mason-Dixon line, either. It will continue to exist even after we inaugurate Barack Obama as our next president. He knows this and, hopefully, so does everyone who votes for him. We have work to do that’s gone unattended for far too long.

    You know, 33% of any state is still a whole lot of people who voted for him …

  6. Yep, the racists and hateful white folk of metropolitan Atlanta (Cobb County, a northern suburb of Atlanta, that has steadfastly refused to allow mass transit (Marta) into its jurisdiction. “To keep out “crime” and the “undesirables,” as they have said many a time.) are up to their age-old pranks again. The owner of the establishment (Mulligan’s) who sells/manufactures the T-shirts is a unkempt and cruddy 60-ish white man with white hair, tattoos and a bandana; a Hell’s Angels’ biker-type.

    He was on the news a few days ago defending his shirts, saying nothing about race entered his mind…he was just “struck by the resemblance…”

    Of course, the publicity he has garnered has helped him sell out his T-shirts to like-minded blue-collar, red-necked white folks. (He even said he’s gotten an order for “a hunerd [100] of ’em from someone in New Jersey.” …So don’t take too much comfort in living in the supposedly more “enlightened” North.)

    Frankly, I think we should start to ignore these type of people and their ignorant neanderthal antics. Our rage–which is really valuable (and wasted) energy–is the fuel they seek to stay revved up.

    …Let us remember that “Yes We Can” and we will–hatemongers, racists, and ignorant crackers be damned!

  7. For years the left in this country has portrayed Bush as Chimpy McHalliburton or some variation of a simian. Now that caricature is being applied to the New Messiah and you all don’t seem to like it too much. Same animal being applied to different people, sounds like reverse discrimination to me.

    In fact any criticism or spoofing of Barry Hussein Osama Obama is considered rascist. He is allowed to invoke his middle name, yet anyone else who uses it is invoking fear. The hypocrisy of the liberal left is absolutely mind-boggling,

  8. So then why not make a tshirt of him looking like a pale caveman? Any critism of him isn’t racist. But most critism of him does just happen to be. Hmm i wonder why? Mccain looks like a gothic mortician waiting to die. You dont see blacks making dried up prune tshirts do you? Nah we’re better than that. Apparently. It seems by your statement your people are embarrassing you and your trying to defend them with that silly reverse descrimination rant. Whats so reverse about it. Just by adding the word reverse you make it seem like descrimination only happens one way. Whites to blacks. We know it doesn’t so it doesn’t have to be called “reverse” its just descrimination. You racists keep digging bigger holes for yourselves. Can’t wait til Obama gets elected. Real change is coming.

  9. Hey JM, doesnt appear you have a mind to boggle- This is disgusting, plain and simple. As a white Atlantan, I am repulsed that people are making this , let alone this is happening here in this city I love.

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  13. And white people think that we as black people over react about racism, this shirt proves them wrong. I really hope that the author of the book sues this racist pig!!!

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