Halleluah!!! D’angelo to Return This Fall!

Anyone who knows me, knows I stalk follow certain musicians closely, waiting for info on the next album–sometimes the day after they release an album. D’angelo is one of those people. Since his last (and only second) release, Voodoo, I have been waiting 8 years, 5 months, 1 week and 3 days for the release of a new D’angelo recording.

Well, this summer, D is releasing a Best Of–I guess Virgin let him out of his contract, and that would explain how you have a “Best Of” anything after only two albums. At that point, what the hell is a “Best Of” –a maxi single? Oh Lord! I just said “maxi-single!!” Half of you all are too young to even know what that is…good thing I didn’t say 12″.

OK. But after that, he is scheduled to release his third disc this fall on J records, according to his Myspace page. Other sources have long said that the new record would be called James River. So I guess I will continue to stalk occasionally check his page for any new updates. In the meantime, take a look at this video. I had a hard time selecting, because I think D’angelo is so sexually objectified, I had my doubts about playing the infamous “Untitled” video. But it, and he, really are quite amazing to watch, and the song itself is really amazing. People forget the man can actually sing and write music, and well! So I am resisting the temptation, and instead with another fave from the Voodoo album, the Angie Stone-penned “Send it On.” If you look closely, you can see soul crooner Anthony Hamilton on background vocals

Now, Maxwell’s site says Black Summer’s NIght is coming out this year too. But this has already been too many false starts. I am about to give up on this one. All I need is Sade and Lauryn and I’ll be set!

1 thought on “Halleluah!!! D’angelo to Return This Fall!

  1. Dude, you hit the nail right on the head. I, too, am desperately awaiting the return of soul music sensation, D’Angelo. If Sade and Lauryn return anytime soon, I’m seriously going to lose it. That’s musical heaven on earth! (After that, all I’ll need is another dose of Brandy’s “Full Moon”-esque sonic stimulae and I’m done.)

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