Shock of the Week: Kucinich Pushes for Bush Impeachment

Rep. Dennis Kucinich of my hometown Cleveland, OH, pulled a lttle shock and awe of his own yesterday, when he bucked the wishes of the Democratic Party and introduced 35 articles of impeachment for lame duck President George W. Bush. Kucinich is very popular in Cleveland, the “bluest” of Ohio cities, and certainly among Progressives nationwide, when he began running for President in 2000.

The reality is in practical terms this is probably not going to go anywhere. Nancy Pelosi has said that she didn’t want to move forward with impeachment procedures, as it would be too divisive, especially (I think) in this election year. But you gotta love Kucinich for trying

Here’s a snippet of his introduction of the articles of impeachment:

2 thoughts on “Shock of the Week: Kucinich Pushes for Bush Impeachment

  1. Oh yes!!!

    I saw the clerk read the 35 Articles of Impeachment that Kucinich file in Congress.

    Talk about COJONES!

    But this morning i read abriefly that someone had hijacked Kucinich’s website, the foremost web source to find the details of these charges brought against boi emperor…

    Now let see how what Nancy Pelosi (Speaker of the House) and Harry Reid (Senate’s Majority Leader) react to Kucinich’s action.

    I know Henry Waxler of Florida is a supporter of Kunich’s Article of Impeachment against the US Emperor In Chief and a ranking member of the Judiciary Committee in the House of Representative.

    There are rumors that Scott McLellan has agreed to testify in congress about his tenure as a White House Press Secretary and the accusations he wrote about in his memoir.

    Also John Conyers of Michigan is the chair of Judiciary Committee would most likely subpoena Scott to testify.

    Congressman Conyers had previously subpoena many member of this current Junta’s cabinet.

    I can not wait for the real SH*T to hit the fan. The crime committed the last 8 yrs will make Watergate look like child play.

    Let see who else other than Kucinich has grown the necessary balls to move this along!

    Judging for the punks currently in office, I will not hold my breath.


    p.s. for such a long comment. please feel free not to post it.


  2. I don’t think he bucked the wishes of the Democratic party…just the wishes of the Democratic party leadership. Either way, you’re right, it will go no where. I do think, though, that there’s a better than average chance that Bush gets charged with war crimes somewhere in the world after he’s out of office.


    He’s only the emperor if he uses the military to dissolve the Senate and House, arrests Kunich and Obama, and still holds power in February 2009. When that happens, it’ll be too late, but I’ll vote Democrat.

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