Danchall Reggae Label Announces “Straight” Pride Parade

You can’t make this suff up. And I wish I had something witty or insightful to say on top of it, but sometimes the shit is so ridiculous you just have to let it stand on it’s own. The following press release came in my email today:

Via Good As You comes word of a “Straight Pride Parade” to be staged in Brooklyn on August 31st. The parade is being organized by a reggae music label who is pissed off because a hit song by their artist Stapler, Hit Them Hard, has been banned by some radio stations because it encourages violence against gays. From the press release:
Productions the label behind the “18 Karat Reggae” CD series is holding the first ever Straight Pride Parade in Brooklyn, New York on August 31, 2008. The parade will take place on Eastern Parkway along the same route as the annual Caribbean labor day parade.
New reggae / dancehall sensation Jango Fresh said, “the Straight pride parade is a great idea because when a song like “Hit them hard” by my label mate Stapler can be banned just because it stresses the importance of a male and a female in every family, it is a sign that heterosexuals need to wake up.
The Straight Pride Parade is a chance for Heterosexuals to gather together and proudly embrace their sexuality. The Parade will also allow reggae and dancehall fans who are in New York City for the Labor Day celebrations to get together and celebrate reggae, dancehall and family in love and unity. Adults are encouraged to bring their children along for the celebrations, as the event will be family oriented.
The president of TCOOO said he hopes the event will unify the reggae community who has seen many reggae events cancelled recently not only in the United States but all over Europe and the Caribbean. “I sat quietly and watched as they cancelled artists like Buju Banton, Sizzla Kalonji and Capleton” he said, “but when the gay community went after TCOOO artists like Vineyard the Rebel Priest, Stapler and Jango Fresh we decided that we must make a show of strength.”

Lyrics from Hit Them Hard:
Jah Jah gonna hit them hard
All the men who visit men backyard
Leaving all the women to starve
One thunder ball and all of them pause
Hand in hand with my lady
Hug her and kiss her cause she carried my baby
But some boys moving shady
The label contends that the song is “pro-family.” Yeah, right. The “Straight Pride Parade” will coincide with the Brooklyn West Indian Carnival, guaranteeing them of at least some attendance and interest.
As fucked up as this is, you gotta hand it to them for the Best PR Stunt of the Year. Fucking disgusting!

5 thoughts on “Danchall Reggae Label Announces “Straight” Pride Parade

  1. Okay, the name of the song isn’t “I Love My Family” – it’s “Hit Them Hard” … so “Jah Jah” (whoever that might be) is going to hit hard “all the men who visit men backyard” (figuratively and literally, I suppose) “leaving all the women to starve” (which women? And is a woman singing this song? Most women I know – regardless of their sexual preference – don’t need a man to either sing for them or to keep them from starving)

    … and is it me or is he referencing “The Men All Paused” from Klymaxx?

    Mind you, I’m not surprised that this is a hit record or that they intend to piggyback with this crap onto the West Indian Day Parade. You’re right, honey, it’s a slick PR stunt – but it’s not that slick. They’re underestimating a whole lot of people in this city.

    A sidenote to contrast: Danny Simmons’ Corridor Gallery and the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation will host its Positivity photo exhibit until July 26th.

  2. After reading all of the lyrics to the song I found that the song is not about promoting violence against gays. However, because each person who hears the song will interpret it based on their own life experiences I anticipate many people will interpret the lyrics different than I have. That does not mean I am right and you are wrong or vice-versa, it simply proves that the message is dependent on the receiver.

    Maybe those people that perceive the song as intolerant or sending a negative message are the real problem here. These people should look within their own hearts to see if they are practicing what they preach. I suspect through self-introspection you will discover a wellspring of intolerance and hatred.

    The writer of the article and some of the posters to this blog want tolerance and diversity but then refuse to accept other points of view. To live a life of true tolerance and diversity you would better serve your beliefs by supporting the right of people to have a Straight Pride parade if that is what they believe. You could also encourage the radio stations that have banned the song to promote diverse points of view by not banning art that does not meet their narrow view points. After all, what happens when the radio and other media start to ban things you approve?
    Is hatred and intolerance best fought by more hatred and intolerance? Remember, people who don’t have your point of view should have the same right to express and promote themselves as you.
    Hatred cannot be stopped, it can only be discouraged and managed; the best way to manage it is to start with yourself and make sure that you are tolerant and accept diverse points-of-view.

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