Grace Jones Returns with “Corporate Cannibal.” At AGE 60!!!

There is nobody more fierce than Grace Jones. The only other middle-aged reaching senior pop music icon that I think has remained consistently as cutting edge as Jones is David Bowie. And Now Ladies & Gentlemen, Heeerrree’s Grace, at 60, doing it again with her new video Corporate Cannibal off of the upcoming record Hurricane (due to be released in late October)–the first new studio recording to be released by Jones in 19 years.And this video proves, once again, that she’s just as relevant today as she ever was.  Check out NOW!/Anzidesign’s blog post, “The World Still Needs Grace Jones” And then watch the new video, Corporate Cannibal.

6 thoughts on “Grace Jones Returns with “Corporate Cannibal.” At AGE 60!!!

  1. I LOVE me some Grace Jones, just when i thought she was just a memory, she comes back, BETTER than ever. “Grand Master of Fear”…… you own that shit Grace. LOVE it!

  2. Grace Jones continues to look and sound larger
    than ever, the voice still strong and menacing-
    socially pissed off, very few have a way of getting
    your attention. The two new tracks I’ve heard
    “Corporate Cannibal” and “This is Life” are equally impressive work, can’t wait to hear the
    whole collection, a very welcome return to
    a classy artist who means business this time!

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