D-LIST: CNN Denies Me Entrance to ‘Black in America’ Screening

I, like Kathy Griffin, am so D-LIST!!!!

Last week I received an email from my homegirl, a very smart and talented journalist and editor, that CNN was having a screening and reception for their upcoming 2-part special investigation called Black in America tonight at the CNN Center in Manhattan hat they’ve been promoting the hell out of. The event, according to the email, was going to feature CNN reporter Soledad O’Brien and Time Warner Chairman, Richard D. Parsons (He’s Black!).

Well, I am Black in America! And I dabble in media work. So I figured it would be good to attend the event, and tell you all about it here. So I emailed immediately to RSVP as the email requested, as did my friend. Yesterday, she and I (as we do daily) send a flurry of gchat messages talking about what we were going to wear, who else we thought might be there, and a good networking opportunity for Educated Black People like ourselves! As of yesterday we hadn’t heard any thing when I asked her if she had gotten a response from them confirming her place. She hadn’t, and neither had I. So we assumed we were good to go. Well, NOT SO MUCH!

Under the cloak of the night, and presuming I’d be asleep (which I WAS NOT), I got an email from “CNN Screening” sent at 210AM which read coldly

Regretfully we must decline your rsvp as we are at capacity. Thank you for your interest”

First of all, it’s RSVP–ALL CAPS. And where is the “.” after the word interest? Is this the kind of punctuation we should expect from a multi-national million dollar news organization? And what’s up with them sending it in the middle of the damn night? What if I had bought a new outfit the day before? I am so not appreciating this treatment CNN. I can’t wait to see what the series looks like. If the correspondence about it’s premier is as tacky as this, I can’t imagine what this series is gonna look like, let alone the substance. I will be SURE to write all about it when I am watching on regular cable like the rest of America.

Maybe this treatment is thematic–being responded to late, half-assed and when they think you’re not looking is definitely what is like being Black in America.

3 thoughts on “D-LIST: CNN Denies Me Entrance to ‘Black in America’ Screening

  1. LOL @ ‘late and half-assed’.

    Sucks to be D-list. At least you heard about the premiere. I guess that makes me H-list. *sigh*

    Well, at least if its bad, we won’t feel bad about ripping CNN a new one relentlessly. I got your back bruh — us D and H listers gotta stick together.

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  3. I only knew about the Black in America program because I’m a regular lurker here. In California where I live it come on at 9:00 PM and, I guess, it was scheduled to run until midnight. I don’t know because I’m deaf, depend on captions, and at 11:00 the caption feed for the program stopped dead. I was waaaay upset. I’m a Kenyon Farrow junkie since I read your “I Gay Marriage Anti-Black? Few essay have stimulated and challenged me than that one. I’m looking to see if you’ve “evolved” in your position since you wrote that.

    P.S. If you’re going to buy an outfit, don’t let it depend on an invitation to walk the red carpet. Spoil you hot self and get it anyway and wear it to see, if no one else, your mother.

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