CNN’S BLACK In America: On Black LGBT Folks

….yes. We weren’t there. At best, we got Phil Wilson of Black AIDS Institute, who was interviewed but was not talked about as a Black gay man, but who’s observations on HIV/AIDS were made about the whole community. Secondly, the family they profiled, the Rands, the first family had a son who was a dancer studying at Julliard who’s only appearance was in a photo wearing a purple unitard. I am not certain he’s gay, but I’m just sayin!

As usual, we were marginal, sidelines, and noticeably invisible–not to say anything of lesbians, and transgender folks, who were completely absent.

3 thoughts on “CNN’S BLACK In America: On Black LGBT Folks

  1. I have not heard or read a single positive comment about CNN’s Black in America series. Most people have trashed it. I didn’t watch it because I had low expectations and the assumption it would be the same discussions I’ve heard a million times before, by the same people too.

    I just wonder if folks who didn’t like it have voiced their displeasure to CNN? They do need to hear from you all.

  2. I too submitted a comment to CNN asking “aren’t black gays, lesbians, bi-sexuals and transgendered persons a part of the ‘black America landscape’?”. It was a travesty to overlook these segments of life in the black community and the struggles faced, not just in the black” mainstream” church but in our families as well.

  3. “…but I’m just sayin’!”

    Busted a gut on that comment. I was thinking the same thing about about that lovely gentleman in the unitard.

    I’m still disappointed by the caption feed coming to a halt with a full hour of the program still to come. It just became meaningless from that point on for deaf people to try and follow, so now I feel a little awkward about giving the program a fair think. I was very impressed with the Rand family because I’m a genealogy fanatic and one of them had done a knock-out job of digging up the family bones.

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