Bloods Kill Member for Being Gay

No Words.

6 thoughts on “Bloods Kill Member for Being Gay

  1. What can I say, except that my heart goes out to the family of Steven Parrish. I am really very saddened by this appalling hate murder. It was so unnecessary a death, and I wish that I could somehow convey my heartfelt feelings to his family.

    Whether or not he was gay, as has been supposed, is irrelevant to me. He was killed because it was ASSUMED that he was gay, and it was ignorance and hate that fuelled the killing.

    I am South African, and me and Sipho lived through the hell that was apartheid, where even simply to BE gay was a crime. What was done to us individually and as a couple, both by the state and by individuals, was little short of inhuman. Sipho and I were active in our liberation struggle, and he was murdered by apartheid agents in 1993, just short of our tenth anniversary as a couple, and less than a year before our first free elections. We were such very ordinary people, two every day men who just happened to be deeply in love with each other. I have remained a bachelor since then.

    Even though gay rights are written into our constitution, all of us still experience hatred and discrimination from so many people here, and our lives are often at risk. Many of us have been killed or savagely assaulted, but there is growing acceptance of us as fellow citizens who have a right to be who we are. We actively campaign for this, we have to.

    Thank you so much for this posting; yes, it has saddened me, but it has also given me even more resolve NEVER to cease in what I and my friends do for our cause, and for the rights of ALL people, not only here, but everywhere in the world.

    I came to your page after reading about Steven’s murder in and then doing a search.

  2. thank you to the lady above me and i just want to say iam so hurt that is my brother that got stabbed and killed and those boy better ask God save them cause nothing can save the now because what they did ill pray for them even tho what the did to my brther

  3. I first would like to express a message of sincere regret over the death of Mr. Steven Parrish. He should never have died for what he died for. Yet I must be just as regretful at having my maternal first cousin be one of the alledged attackers. (Steven Theophilus Hollis III) My regret at having not only him be involved in this but the larger group of Juan Flythe and all of the other countless young Black men is truly an intricately more delicate situation completely. Why are we ignoring the much more detrimental trend of accepting the catastrophic demise of the Young Black Male population on whole. I would like to provide a news flash for all who have yet to grasp the reality that faces the Black Community. 1 out of 3 Young Black Males between the ages of 18 and 35will be somehow involved with the criminal justice system in this country. A vast majority of those, experiencing their situation because of the debilitating poverty that stems from the results of a broken educational system, depleted availability of self-sustaining employment, a mass produced image of a over-criminalized thugged out super human who isn’t afraid of taking the life risk that comes from selling narcotics to supplement incomes that are dangerously lacking any stability, and the lack of strong male role modeled environments that are proven to provide stable leadership through instances of peer pressure, cultural frustration, anxiety, youthful restlessness, etc. All institutionalized so that their implementation into the very cultural expectations of this group are solidified with very little actual effort. How did that occur many asks, through policy driven agenda’s that had as their goal the eradicating of community ills without the mass infusing of resources that are needed to offset the vacuums that are left when all of the efforts are aimed at correction and not rehabilitation. Yes quite a daunting challenge but one that must be attempted because no viable alternatives meant to empower and transfer the abundance of resources from dealing with the criminal aspect to dealing with the vast measure of humanity who are systematically being ignored to the destruction of them and the nation that houses them.
    Please join with me in demanding that attention be given to the more pressing matter of the mass permanent installation of the young black male group into the lowest class of society. A society that was built with the vast amounts of free labor that their ancestoral community provided in order for America to enjoy the high quality of living that leads the world. Thank You for attention.

    Justin L. Black

  4. Those responsible should get the maximum.

    The #1 killer of Black men and women under age 35 is AIDS.

    Anal sex is the easiest way to transmit the disease sexually.

    But that can’t be discussued.

    Nor can we discuss the Jewish Music executives that mass prmote, distribute glorify gang violence against Black men, regardless of orientation.

  5. As I read through the post on this, I was comforted that we can process this tragedy and at least have dialouge around what was a senseless murder…

    then I came to Mr. Unite Us post and I just have to take pause. I am a little dumbfounded by what to say here in reaction…I am not sure where Unite Us got the number 1 killer statistics, but if you can inform me please do, because off hand I think you are wrong. But in terms of anal sex and discussion I talk about it all the time and I swear I’m not talking to myself. And finally we get the bit antisemitism to finish off this cake of crap.

    The fact that the 2 brothers who were misguided some how along the way and are now going to spend their lives wasted in prison seems to have missed you. As was said above these murders were about hate and homophobia, so not really sure what AIDS or anal sex have to do with it. If we continue as Black folk not to address the root causes of the ills of our community I fear for the future. Where is the discussion about how homosexual or not, you are still a man? Where is the discussion about as Black Gay and Lesbian people that our own community poses the biggest threat? I would much rather spend my time discussing that over anal sex and Jew hate…

  6. from what i gathered, i think mr. unite was trying to justify the murder? if so, using the threat of aids as a security blanket to justify homophobia is disgusting.

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