Queer Black Cinema Takes NYC This Weekend

Noah’s Arc isn’t the only movie featuring the Black queer community. And if you want a little more gender parity of Black queer life in the mix, you can’t miss this weekend’s Queer Black Cinema Film Festival in New York City, running from Thursday, October 30-Sunday, November 2.The films they have on hand are diverse in subject and range of experience, and some feature or were made by friends of mine including Ignacio Rivera, C. Sala Hewitt, Hanifah Walidah & Olive Demetrius, and Maurice Jamal! CHECK THE SCHEDULE HERE:

Queer Black Cinema , New York’s first and Only Black lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer monthly micro-cinema series and annual film festival. We are a grassroots, volunteer-run organization who mission is dedicated to showcasing independent narrative and documentary works by U.S. and international Black LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer). We screen and promote all people of color artist by screening their trailers and original music . QBC film series takes place varies times once a month at the LGBT Community Center and other locations throughout the New York Metropolitan area. YOU MUST CHECK THIS SITE OR WWW.QUEERBLACKCINEMA.ORG FOR UPDATES.All are welcome to attend regardless of their sexual orientation, race or gender. We aim to entertain, enlighten and educate through our niche programming.

Please attend, tell your people, and watch the trailers here.

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