Rahsaan Patterson’s ‘Ultimate Gift’: Holiday Music For Heathens

I can’t stand Christmas music. In order for me to like anything resembling the holiday season, it has to be unrecognizable from all that corny music we get accustomed to hearing. And you have to find yourself wanting to hear it well past that long cavernous span of time between Thanksgiving the debauchery of December 31. The only songs that I like with Christmas themes are Joni Mitchell’s River (and you need to hear Corrine Bailey Rae’s interpretation from Herbie Hancock’s tribute album to Mitchell, River: The Joni Letters.) and the man who has lost his last greatest fan Prince’s Another Lonely Christmas.

Well Rahsaan Patterson, one of the best R&B musicians recording now, has given us The Ultimate Gift. A Christmas album that is well written, well produced, and will be well worth the listen if you’re not a Christian, or just get annoyed with all the fakery involved in this holiday. The best track co-written by another great Soul/Rock hottie Van Hunt, Christmas In My House, is the funkiest Christmas song i’ve ever heard, and is begging for a Masters at Work remix for the househeads! His version of Little Drummer Boy is also nothin to play with–it actually brought a little, tiny, dew drop of wetness to my eyes. Get it! Or get it for a Christmas lover in your life! Here’s Christmas in My House:

2 thoughts on “Rahsaan Patterson’s ‘Ultimate Gift’: Holiday Music For Heathens

  1. I luuuv Christmas music. In fact, one of the things I look most forward to every year, every Christmas is to see WHO has put out a new holiday CD. So far, of the new crop, I luuuv this one, too! Bravo, Rahsaan.

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