New Orleans Violence #1: White Vigilantes Murder 11 Post Katrina

If anyone believes that because of Obama’s election, we are in some moment of “post-racial” America, needs to…well I am not exactly sure what they need to do. The truth is, the evidence that we are any further along in terms of racial justice, belies the facts that lay before us in prison sentences, health disparities, etc. But for those people who still think racism is something that stopped occuring in 1968, or that only exist when the N word is used, or when nooses are hung on high school trees or the doors of Black college professors.

Well that ole time racism didn’t go anywhere. And a new story published in print and video by The Nation called Katrina’s Hidden Race War proves it. The story details how at least 11 Black Hurricane Katrina survivors were shot and killed by vigilante white residents of Algiers, Lousisiana in the days following the hurricane. And if you think this type of racism only resides in the hearts andd minds of white Southerners, check out the two people in the video bragging about murdering black people (man and woman, I might add), are originally from Chicago, IL.

3 thoughts on “New Orleans Violence #1: White Vigilantes Murder 11 Post Katrina

  1. I am not even close to being a racist. I can’t even imagine what these or any person who goes thru this type of thing is thinking . But, it was not racism like you make this out to be. It was HUMAN NATURE to try and protect and salvage what was left of there lives and homes. Every race , not just BLACK’s have these type or some type of story to tell. It all depends on WHO or WHY the story is being told. What about the PEOPLE and Store properties that were looted and stolen. Remember the videos and who was in them….Who needs flat screen tv’s when there is no electricity..I can see getting the Food but damn…Think about…If you were to ask around, how many other stories you would get , and how many other races you would interview…..

  2. Wesley, that may be true in some cases, but if you’re yelling “get out of here n*gger!” and waving a gun, i really doubt the attack is defensive. Those were racially motivated shootings, and the fact that it was taken so lightly by authorities and residents of New Orleans is disturbing.

  3. Wesley, St Algeirs was not flooded so they were not “salvaging” anything. They were scared racists shooting blacks who stumbled into their neighborhood on their way out of flooded areas. They should be tried and convicted.

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