NYC Baker Makes “Drunken Negro Face” Cookies; Threatens Obama

The owner of the Lafayette French Pastery in NYC’s Greenwich Village (located at 26 Greenwich Ave New York, NY 10011-8319 Phone: (212) 242-7580) thought is making a new cookie: Drunken Negro Faces. In the following news story by local news channel Fox 5, several people reported actually being told that the cookies were called “Drunken Nigger Faces.” To top it off, he told people they were in honor of our new President, who he said would “he’s following the same path of Lincoln, he will get his.” presumably wishing for his assassination.

Here’s what a recent tourist wrote on the website who stopped by this bakery:

“You should know this bakery is absolutely horrible. We stopped in while on vacation to see my aunt, and she had been there a few times before. When we came in on Tuesday, they were selling “Ni**er Heads,” poorly made chocolate treats.

Know that this bakery symbolizes hate and ignorance. Do not go here. The owner was quoted as saying “he’s going the way of Lincoln…” and denying he was talking about assassination.

Do not give any money to this business, do what you can to bring them down; it is a new era, it is 2009?! I can’t believe these people still exist.

… and I saw a mouse scurrying behind the display case… probably should have put that first…”

So I guess the mouse was a bigger deal to this tourist than the cookie. What’s also wierd to me about this news report on the video is the weird grins on the faces of the two white women they talk to who reported hearing this. I mean I guess I am glad they found it offensive, but could they just be less glad about it?

Where I’ll Be Saturday Night: LICK Presents “Circus City” with Joi, Renee Neufville, Patty Crash & Free the Robots


Young Black Gays Debate Homophobia in Hip-Hop

I founs this duo online who produce the “LesMan Show” and I am in love with smart young Black gay men producing media and trying to think thru some things. In this case, ‘Lil Wayne’s homophobic lyrics:

This Week in Gay Political Scandal: Portland Mayor Sam Adams

Now that there are lot more out LGBT folks in political office, we can get in on the political scandals just like the rest. And in American politics, nothing beats a sex scandal but a GAY sex scandal.

Enter Sam Adams. Recently elected as Mayor of Portland, Oregon–the largest American city to elect and openly gay mayor. Well he  had an affair with a 18-ish year old he was mentoring. OK, so Beau Breedlove (the young man in question) turned 18 in June of 2007, the summer when the two were gettin’ it on and poppin–so it’s slightly unclear whetheer Breedlove was actually 17 or 18 when the affair started, though Adams maintains that he was 18.  There are calls in Portland for the mayor to step down, though he was JUST sworn in on January 1. The Associated Press reports:

A contrite Mayor Sam Adams apologized to Portland for lying about a sexual relationship with a male teenager he was mentoring, but asked the city to consider it an anomaly in two decades of public service.

“I screwed up. I blew it. There’s no way to sugarcoat it,” Adams said during a news conference at City Hall Tuesday.

Adams coasted to victory in the 2008 election, making Portland the largest U.S. city to elect an openly gay mayor. He was sworn in Jan. 1.

The 45-year-old said he has no plans to resign, but left open the possibility: “If it were no longer in the city’s best interests that I stay, yes, I would resign.”

OK–while it may be kinda skeevy for a 45 year old to be screwing with an 18-ish year old he was mentoring, it’s not illegal. And it certainly does not rise to the occasion of impeachment or resignation–even if he tried to cover up the affair with a consenting adult (that also goes for Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, as far as I’m concerned). And what about Breedlove? What’s the point of having “age of consent” if it doesn’t really mean he gets to consent? Though we may not like the choices an 18 year old would make–and I made plenty of stupid ones–isn’t that still his choice? Sure, he may regret it . But then again, he may not.

Video from Black LGBT Protest at Ebenezer Baptist Church

Thanks to Darian Aaron from the blog Living Out Loud with Darian for this video from yesterday’s protest held at Ebenezer Baptist Church, to protest Rev. Rick Warren’s Martin Luther King day speech.

Also, Atlanta Progressive News reported on the tensions between the Atlanta Black LGBT Coalition and the white lefties from Atlanta World Can’t Wait–who disrespected the wishes of the Coalition by disrupting the proceedings inside the church.

Black LGBT Folk To Protest Rick Warren’s MLK Day Sermon at King’s Church

The layers of the following story are a mess. But let’s jump in:

One year ago this weekend, then-Senator Barack Obama delivered a speech at Ebenezer Baptist Church where he very directly challenged the Black church and by extension the Black Community on its treatment of Black LGBT folks. He said:

For most of this country’s history, we in the African-American community have been at the receiving end of man’s inhumanity to man. And all of us understand intimately the insidious role that race still sometimes plays – on the job, in the schools, in our health care system, and in our criminal justice system. And yet, if we are honest with ourselves, we must admit that none of our hands are entirely clean. If we’re honest with ourselves, we’ll acknowledge that our own community has not always been true to King’s vision of a beloved community. We have scorned our gay brothers and sisters instead of embracing them.

The leadership at Ebeneezer Baptist Church, the church that Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King , Jr. was pastor, and which played a huge role in the Civil Rights Movement, paid that speech no mind, and President Barack Obama doesn’t seemed to have meant much by it, either. Why? Not only does Obama choose Rev. Rick Warren (Prop 8 supporter, evolution denier and anti-choice zealot) to give the invocation at his inauguration, but Ebenezer Baptist Church has chosen this white evangelical pastor to give the sermon at the MLK Day service!

Coretta Scott King and daughter Yolanda King (both deceased) were both allies to the LGBT community, and would have flat out disapproved of this choice, and so likely would have Martin. It’s hard not to think Sharpton’s speech one week before MLK Day in Atlanta wasn’t also given as an indirect scolding of Ebenezer choosing Rick Warren. But luckily, the Atlanta Black LGBT Coalition, being led by two friends/comrades of mine, Paris Hatcher & Craig Washington, are leading a protest of Ebenezer this weekend to express their outrage on this choice. Southern Voice (my favorite of all LGBT newspapers) writes:

“Warren not only compares women having an abortion to Nazis, and pro-choice supporters to holocaust deniers, but he also opposed the right of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender and queer folk to marriage, as well as [admittance] to his church,” said Craig Washington, a founding member of the Atlanta Black LGBT Coalition, which is organizing the protest…These views, these words, are acts of oppression. They are incompatible with the dream of the beloved community Martin Luther King envisioned, and the spirit with which Coretta Scott King founded the King Center.”

Warren “preaches a message that is dated, harmful and dangerous about our bodies, our sexualities and our communities,” said Paris Hatcher, a lesbian activist with reproductive rights group Spark!, another protest organizer.“As members of King’s beloved community, we say that all communities are sacred,” Hatcher said. “And at times like these, Atlanta needs to hear a message of love and liberation that affirms everyone, not a narrow opinion that reinforces the dialogue of oppression and shame.”

The protest is scheduled for Monday, January 19th at 9am, at the corner of Jackson & Auburn Streets, across from Ebenezer.

The reality is that we’re going to have to continue to bring it to the rest of the Black community like this from here on in.