Beating a Dead Horse: Prop 8 & Race

So finally the new data on the exit polls on what voters helped pass Proposition 8 in California has come out. And it shows about a 58% pro-Prop 8 voted amonf Black voters in the state of California, which is only slightly higher than other racial groups, but far less than the 70% once stated. What’s interesting is that the original exit polling data was reported by CNN, and I have yet to see a story on CNN about the new data, or retracting their intial projections. Anyhoo, the stories written by the San Francisco Gate and The Advocate. But here are a couple comments by readers of The Advocate, a gay magazine. It really speaks to how non-Black members of the community are committed to believing that “Black people hate gays” more than other groups, despite data in this case to prove pretty similar vitriol to other groups.

Name: Pedro
Date posted: 2009-01-07 2:49 PM
Hometown: San Diego


People LIE about knowing a gay person. There is no way more than 30% of the population KNOWS a gay person in real life. I believe the CNN and AP polls were correct or close to correct in the actual numbers of black voters casting their ballots for discrimination. I think this survey is an attempt to rollover to blacks who do not want to take responsibility for the overwhelming anti-gay hatred in their community and instead want to blame gay people for Prop 8.

Name: Alan Pires Ferreira
Date posted: 2009-01-06 8:00 PM
Hometown: Belo Horizonte, MG


So 57% of the blacks voted against full citizenship to homosexuals. Will they be considered gay-friendly now? Will they win a GLAAD nomination?

2 thoughts on “Beating a Dead Horse: Prop 8 & Race

  1. Black people hate gays. TRUE. Blacks hate gays more than other people-NOT SO SURE. None of this means we should let our homophobia go unchallenged but still.

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