NYC Baker Makes “Drunken Negro Face” Cookies; Threatens Obama

The owner of the Lafayette French Pastery in NYC’s Greenwich Village (located at 26 Greenwich Ave New York, NY 10011-8319 Phone: (212) 242-7580) thought is making a new cookie: Drunken Negro Faces. In the following news story by local news channel Fox 5, several people reported actually being told that the cookies were called “Drunken Nigger Faces.” To top it off, he told people they were in honor of our new President, who he said would “he’s following the same path of Lincoln, he will get his.” presumably wishing for his assassination.

Here’s what a recent tourist wrote on the website who stopped by this bakery:

“You should know this bakery is absolutely horrible. We stopped in while on vacation to see my aunt, and she had been there a few times before. When we came in on Tuesday, they were selling “Ni**er Heads,” poorly made chocolate treats.

Know that this bakery symbolizes hate and ignorance. Do not go here. The owner was quoted as saying “he’s going the way of Lincoln…” and denying he was talking about assassination.

Do not give any money to this business, do what you can to bring them down; it is a new era, it is 2009?! I can’t believe these people still exist.

… and I saw a mouse scurrying behind the display case… probably should have put that first…”

So I guess the mouse was a bigger deal to this tourist than the cookie. What’s also wierd to me about this news report on the video is the weird grins on the faces of the two white women they talk to who reported hearing this. I mean I guess I am glad they found it offensive, but could they just be less glad about it?

4 thoughts on “NYC Baker Makes “Drunken Negro Face” Cookies; Threatens Obama

  1. i don’t think the women were smiling because they were “glad”; renown Psycologist Stanley Milgram (among others) noted that people under stress or uncomfortable and unsure how to respond to a given situation will often show tension as nervous laughter and smiling.

  2. Mandy, I know. I think you’re right, but I decided to raise the question because I think there is a weird sort of glee that liberals often have when they detect or expose racism–I think straight liberals are the same way with homophobia. Sometimes, when you’re on the receiving end of it, nothing about it is amusing. I watched this and was shocked, caught off guard, etc., but never a smile came across my face. Thanks for commenting!

  3. To be honest as a Black Man I am glad to see what this gentleman has done, he has taken his own ignorance and displayed on his business establishment and I hope in this time of economic hardship (when every dollar matters meaning black or white cash) that his business goes the way of all the other businesses that could not change with the times.

  4. 2/16/2009

    I called the owner and asked if he was ” still selling those racist cookies?” He responded, “No, the election is over.” I asked why he thought he could insult a significant population . He said he didn’t mean it. I advised him I had written individuals and several organzations who would be contacting him. I also advised he would get a chance to see how the cookie crumbles. He abruptly terminated the call.

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