Selected Writing


Co-editor with Lisa Duggan, Richard Kim, and Joseph DeFilippis. A New Queer Agenda. NYU Press. Forthcoming.

Co-editor w/ Dan Berger and Chesa Boudin. Letters From Young Activists: Today’s Rebels Speak Out. Nation Books. 2005.

Contributor. Spirited: Affirming the Soul of Black Gay/Lesbian Identity. Red Bone Press. 2006.


Terence McNally’s “Some Men” (Review)

Ayinde Castro: Celebrity Face Beater (Interview)

Tori Fixx: Hip-Hop’s Homo Revolution (Interview)


We’re Still Living With AIDS

Black Commentator/WIN

Not Showing Up: Blacks, Military Recruitment, & The Anti-war Movement


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City Limits

A House of Our Own

City Hall News

Hedging Bets on Hedge Funds


50 Cent’s New Pocketbook Values: Anti-Gay Won’t Pay, Even for Hip Hop

A Political Obituary of Etta James

CeCe McDonald Deserves Our Support, ‘Innocent’ or Not

The Real Lesson of North Carolina’s Amendment 1


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The Indypendent

Incognegro Author Frank Wilderson Reads in NYC

Reading Gay Pride: New Books for the Queer Left

Analog Girl Finds The Digital World: A Review of Erykah Badu’s “New Amerykah, Pt.1”


Is Gay Marriage Anti-Black?

Open Letter to Condoleezza Rice

We Real Cool: On Hip-Hop, Asian-Americans, Black Folks, & Appropriation

Left Turn

Black is Not Enough: Thoughts on Race, Gender, Sexuality and the Black Left (Interview)


Lose Your Mother: A Journey Along the Atlantic Slave Route

Make Yours A Happy Home: A Review of Claudine


Treatment Access Isn’t Just a Global Issue

Randomization Roullette: Are Current Studies Fair For Those With No Options?

In the House

Death Rates Higher Among Rural Positive Patients–But Why?

ReWire News

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