Happy Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentine’s Day. It’s a day that has obviously turned into a big corporate mess set up to get you to spend money you know you don’t have.

But I am not going to complain about that. I think that you can use it to tell or show the people you love how much you love them. Whether you have a “Valentine” or not, show love to someone today. It might be the thing to keep somebody going another day.  Smile at the cashier. Say “Good morning/afternoon/evening” to someone you don’t know.

And whether or not you have someone to snuggle up to tonight, treat yourself to something good. Relax. Don’t watch the news. Or election coverage.  Make yourself some delicious food. Turn on some good music (I’m gonna be listening to some new Shelby Lynne doing Dusty Springfield covers). Dance in your living room. Sing to your lover, your children, your neighbor. To yourself. Remember all the people you love and have loved. Release any anger, jealousy, or resentment you hold towards them. Let this be a day of beauty, and of healing. You deserve it.

Press play. Then close your eyes.