Halleluah!! 2 of Newark 4 Get Convictions Tossed in Appeal

From Newsday: NEW YORK – A New York state appeals court has reversed the gang assault convictions of two of four New Jersey lesbians convicted of attacking a man who was stabbed after he made advances toward one of them.

The court vacated the conviction of 21-year-old Terrain Dandridge on Thursday and dismissed the indictment against her. She was sentenced last year to 3{ years in prison. She’s expected to be released within days.

The court also vacated the conviction of 26-year-old Renata Hill and sent it back for a new trial. Hill was sentenced to eight years. Her lawyer says she’s “delighted” by the ruling.

The appeals of the other two women are pending.

The four were convicted of assaulting 30-year-old asshole Dwayne Buckle. He called the incident “a hate crime against a straight man.”
Special thanks to FIERCE, Human Rights Watch, Liberation in Truth Unity Fellowship Church, Sylvia Rivera Law Project and all the other organizations and individual activists who worked so hard to make this happen. And we comin for the last two! Stay tuned.