Obama #2: Oprah and will.i.am Out for Obama

The star power behind Obama’s campaign is almost dizzying. From the Kennedy’s–Ted, Caroline, and Maria Shriver, to Oprah and Black Eyed Peas lead will.i.am have been campaigning in different ways for the candidate. Will.i.am produced this song and video with the help of a whole bunch o’stars for Obama that’s been circulating the net the last few days (thanks for sending it my way Aishah!). Most impressive is will.i.am saying he did this without prodding from the Obama camp, and made this all happen in 48 hours.

And then there’s Oprah, who first spoke on behalf of Obama in December in South Carolina. But she delivered an incredible speech this weekend at UCLA. Agree with the contents of her speech, Oprah is one hell of a public speaker.