Kenyon Farrow meeting with the Bernie Sanders campaign in 2016.

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Laura Flanders Show || March 18, 2020

Kenyon Farrow on Inequality and Covid-19.

Kenyon Farrow speaks about inequality and the COVID-19 epidemic.

Laura Flanders Show || August 6, 2019

New Justice: A World Beyond Prisons
Imagining a world without prisons with a discussion around how to manifest that vision.

PBS NewsHour || June 30, 2019

by Ivette Feliciano, Zachary Greene
Why corporations are increasingly waving the Pride flag

Some critics in the LGBTQ community are skeptical of the growing corporate enthusiasm for Pride Month with some boycotting New York City’s Pride parade. Kenyon Farrow, senior editor of The Body, joins Ivette Feliciano to discuss.

Bric TV || January 8, 2018

Interview with Ashley C. Ford
Mental Health & the PoC LGBTQ Mental Health & the PoC LGBTQ Community

Kenyon Farrow, U.S. & Global Health Policy Director at Treatment Action Group, and Antoine B. Craigwell, President & CEO of DBGM discusses mental health within the PoC LGBTQ community

Logo News || December 1, 2017

Hosted by Kenyon Farrow

Kenyon Farrow hosts a panel of activists composed of Zachary Barnett, Kia Labeija and Guy Anthony for a Facebook Live to discuss World AIDS Day. Together they offer personal stories and advice to create AIDS awareness.

Democracy Now || June 27. 2011

NY Passes Historic Marriage Equality Bill; Is It a Sign the GOP Aims to Leverage Gay Support in 2012?

Late Friday night, New York became the sixth and largest state to approve same-sex marriage. We speak with Democratic New York State Assembly Member Daniel O’Donnell, Ann Northrop, co-host of “Gay USA,” and longtime LGBT activist and writer, Kenyon Farrow.

BET Black Modern Hero || February 11, 2011

Modern Black History Heroes, a series of 106 & Park specials on contemporary “unsung heroes.” Those profiled include Kevin Liles, an author, a philanthropist and a former Def Jam Music Group president; Marvelyn Brown, an author and AIDS activist; Kenyon Farrow, a writer and community organizer; and Beverly Bond, the founder of Black Girls Rock! Inc.

GRITtv || April 21, 2010

New Kind of Activism
Kenyon Farrow of Queers for Economic Justice notes that the protests staged by GetEQUAL this week could signal a new form of activism directed at the Obama administration.

Podcasts & Radio

Being Seen || October 6, 2020

The Roles We Play
Episode 3: featuring George M. Johnson, Kenyon Farrow, Samira Nasr, and Marc Meachem with Darnell Moore.
What is the impact of the roles we are often asked to play? How do we make more spaces where these roles can be self-defined? How do we use our roles to shift culture and empower others?

Luminary Podcasts || December 15, 2019

Guest Host, Kenyon Farrow with Latino Media Collective
Episode 278: Undocumented and LGBTQ (Part 5)
Guest Kenyon Farrow talks about the long history of using AIDS/HIV to prevent LGBTQ migrants from entering the U.S., going back to the Reagan administration.

PDIS: People Doing Interesting Stuff || November 2, 2019

by Dr. Samuel Kelton Roberts
Episode 10: The “Body(.com) and Soul” edition, with Kenyon Farrow, senior editor of and
In the “Body(.com) and Soul” edition of PDIS: People Doing Interesting Stuff, Samuel Kelton Roberts sits down and talks with Kenyon Farrow, the senior editor at and

SiriusXM Urbanview Townhall || June 1, 2018

Hosted by Kelly Kinkaid and Emil Wilbekin
Supporting Our Brothers

SiriusXM UrbanView (Ch. 126) recently hosted a town hall event to raise awareness about HIV, AIDS and the need for increased HIV education across the U.S.

Hosts Kelly Kinkaid and Emil Wilbekin were joined by three black, gay men of various backgrounds and careers to address the stigmas associated with those who are HIV-positive. Guests ViiV Healthcare’s Marc Meachem, Bishop Joseph Tolton and journalist and activist Kenyon Farrow all spoke at length about HIV testing.

94.1 KPFA || June 30, 2013

Queer Voices: Beyond The Queer Mainstream – Beyond Gay Marriage and the Mainstream Gay Movement
Radical queer activists Dean Spade, Kenyon Farrow and Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore explain about what is wrong with the focus on Gay marriage, gays in the military and the mainstreaming of the gay movemen.; CounterSpin || May 18, 2012

Kenyon Farrow on NC Amendment 1, Nada Alwadi on Bahrain
Before media were saying Obama’s declaration of support for same sex marriage shows how far we’ve come, they were saying how North Carolina’s constitutional amendment banning recognition of those marriages shows how far we have to go. Both can be true, of course, but what did media miss about North Carolina’s Amendment One that might’ve changed that ‘you win some, you lose some’ framing? We’ll hear from activist and writer Kenyon Farrow on that.

NPR || June 3, 2011

wtih Michel Martin on Tell Me More
President’s Record On LGBT Issues Gets Mixed Reviews
This week, President Obama formally proclaimed June as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month. Advocate and writer Kenyon Farrow and R. Clarke Cooper, executive director of Log Cabin Republicans, discuss the current challenges facing the LGBT community.

Radio Project || June 1, 2010

Beyond Marriage Equality
On this edition we present freelance producer Lisa Dettmer’s documentary, “Beyond Gay Marriage,” featuring: Brian Basinger, SF AIDS Housing Coalition executive director; Lisa Duggan, NYU Social and Cultural Analysis professor; Kenyon Farrow, Queers for Economic Justice executive director.

WNYC News || Aug 6, 2008

by Soterios Johnson
AIDS Activists and Researchers Gather at International Conference
The 2008 International AIDS Conference in Mexico City served as the backdrop for the announcement that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had been under-counting the number of people in the U.S. who get infected with HIV each year. Soterios Johnson spoke with Kenyon Farrow to get reaction from the event.

Making Contact Radio || November 28, 2007

Hosted by Tena Rubio
The Color of AIDS: Bringing “Risk” Up to Date
Outdated perceptions about the HIV epidemic in the U.S. drive government prevention work, from the way data is collected to who gets tested. On this edition, those on the frontlines of the grassroots HIV/AIDS movement bring the discussion about HIV risk up to date.

News & Magazines

TheBody || October 26, 2020

by Juan Michael Porter II
With ‘Being Seen’ Podcast, Black Queer Men Tell Their Own Stories
Being Seen, a new podcast, creates a virtual space that centers and celebrates Black, queer, trans, bi, non-binary, gay men; where they are not the backdrop to a conversation but at the center of it.

The Undefeated || October 14, 2020

by Lonnae O’Neal
Half of Black adults say they won’t take a coronavirus vaccine
New poll finds that even those planning to get a shot are worried early versions won’t be safe || October 9, 2020

by Juan Michael Porter II
It’s National Coming Out Day. Tell Yourself Who You Are.
This National Coming Out Day, in whatever way that you feel comfortable doing so, please go to a mirror and tell yourself who you are. Out loud. Even if it is only in a whisper, say the words, “I am,” and then let your truth speak for itself. 

The Shadow League || October 6, 2020

by The Shadow League Editors
Colin Kaepernick & LEVEL Launch “Abolition For the People”
Kaepernick Publishing and LEVEL, a Medium publication, today launched a project that “seeks to introduce abolitionist values, practices, histories, and ambitions to an audience that is looking for a path to a better and more just society.” || September 25, 2020

by Juan Michael Porter II
Cardi B’s Divorce Is Arousing the Morality Police
It’s nobody’s business what Black women or gay men living with HIV do in their bedrooms—and it’s not our fault if we get HIV.

SYFY WIRE || September 24, 2020

by Juan Michael Porter II
30 years ago, Captain Planet and the Planeteers imagined a kinder world. What can we do better now?
30 years ago, Captain Planet and the Planeteers was hailed for its commitment to educating children about the role that they could play in preserving and protecting the world. Here’s how entertainment can do that again.

Time Out New York || July 2, 2020

by Juan Michael Porter II
This NYC-based group is hosting a global riot for Black gay lives
COVID-19 may have forced everyone indoors, but that’s not stopping Global Black Gay Men Connect from building a powerful global community.

The New Republic || May 8, 2020

by Melissa Gira Grant
The Pandemic Surveillance State
In the drive to “reopen” the economy, the means to radically expand tech-based surveillance and criminalize our everyday lives are there for the taking.

The Nation || May 4, 2020

by Zoë Carpenter
What We Know About the Covid-19 Race Gap
The CDC is finally releasing more data that show just how unequal the toll of the pandemic is. But we can’t stop there.

Out Magazine || April 14, 2020

By DaShawn Usher and Marvell L Terry II
This Is How Zoom Can Fight Homophobia and Racism For Users
With marginalized communities moving gatherings online, the upcrop in “Zoom bombings” must be dealt with as DaShawn Usher and Marvell L Terry II write in this op-ed.

Daily Xtra || April 6, 2020

by Nico Lang
Amid COVID-19, lawmakers call to end blood donation bans for queer men
Outdated discriminatory policies hurt, especially in times of national emergency

Newsweek || February 22, 2020

By Benjamin Fearnow
MSNBC Contributor Says Bernie Sanders Supporters are ‘Racist, Liberal Whites’ and ‘Misfit Black Girls’ Prompting Backlash

Los Angeles Times || February 3, 2020

by Frank Shyong
Coronavirus, the outbreak narrative and how our fear fuels our xenophobia and racism

Human Rights Campaign || February 1, 2020

by Matilda Young
HRC Marks Black History Month and Celebrates Black LGBTQ Leaders

Forbes Magazine || November 30, 2019

by Madhukar Pai
AIDS Activism, A Playbook For Global Health Advocacy
What Made AIDS Activism Successful.

Truthout || September 6, 2019

by Laura Flanders
We Must Abolish Prisons to Rebuild Communities Fractured by Mass Incarceration

New Now Next || June 4, 2019

by Sam Manzella
Romance Is Gay, and Other Takeaways From 2019’s Lambda Literary Awards

Ameila Golden; Courtesy of Lambda Literary

From left: Kenyon Farrow, Darnell L. Moore, Cheryl Clarke, and Raquel Willis.
Honorees at last night’s 31st annual Lammy Awards included Alexander Chee, Darnell L. Moore, Masha Gessen, and more.

OUT Magazine || March 27, 2019

by Mathew Rodriguez
PrEP Is About to Get More Expensive Again
Gilead made $3 billion off Truvada in 2018, and it’s raising the price again.

TheBody || December 3, 2018

by Tim Murphy
Crystal Meth, Gay Men, and Trans Women of Color Was the Topic at Last Week’s Harlem Forum
TheBody senior editor Kenyon Farrow moderated a post-screening panel on parTy boi about crystal meth’s effects with filmmaker Micheal Rice and activists Tia Carter, Jacen Zhu, and Clifton Brown at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture public forum.

Into || July 24, 2018

by Mathew Rodriguez
Citing Safety Concerns, AIDS Activists Call on AIDS2020 to Pull Out of San Francisco and Trump’s America
A coalition of AIDS activists under the name HIV Power Shift disrupted the entrance space at the 2018 International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam over safety concerns.

American Psychological Association; CE Corner || October 2018

by Stephanie Pappas
HIV laws that appear to do more harm than good
A movement is afoot to change HIV legislation.
October 2018, Vol 49, No. 9. Print version: page 32

Colorlines || August 12, 2018

by Muqing M. Zhang
Performing Blackness Won’t Fill Our Asian-American Culture Deficit [OP-ED]
The fight for media representation has become one of the most prominent rallying cries among Asian Americans. But if we wish to subvert White hegemony, we must step away from the imitation of Whiteness’ exploitation of Blackness.

The Village Voice || July 17, 2018

by Benjamin Ryan
Dying to Entertain Us: Celebrities Keep ODing on Opioids and No One Cares
The deaths of Prince, Tom Petty, Heath Ledger, and Michelle McNamara haven’t galvanized attention to the prescription drug crisis

Vanity Fair || March 22, 2018

by Erin Vanderhoof
The Crystal Ball of the Literature World Has Picked These 10 Writers to Watch This Year
At the ceremony for the Whiting Awards, the country’s most promising up-and-comers mingled with literary giants, and got some encouragement from Toni Morrison to top it off.

Into || February 6, 2018

by Mathew Rodriguez
Publix Grocery Chain Reverses Decision, Will Allow Employees PrEP Through Its Health Plan

Human Rights Campaign || February 1, 2018

by HRC Staff
Black History Month — Honoring Our Justice Warriors

CityLab || August 29, 2017

by Brentin Mock
How New Orleans Has Failed Its Workers Since Katrina
2016 was the first year since Hurricane Katrina that more people left New Orleans than moved in domestically—that has a lot to do with the dismal job market that continues to repel young professionals.

The Daily Beast || July 12, 2017

by Jay Michaelson
Were Christians Right About Gay Marriage All Along?
The marriage equality fight is all but won. Will the future of marriage be boring as hell, or a Bible-thumper’s idea of Sodom and Gomorrah?

Between The Lines || June 22, 2017

by BTL Staff
Media Report Looks at HIV Among Gay and Bisexual Black Men

POZ Magazine || June 15, 2017

Good and Bad Mainstream Media Attention to HIV
by POZ Staff
Excellent coverage by The New York Times versus a misstep by CBS.

Mississippi Clarion Ledger || June 6, 2017

by Sarah Fowler
HIV screenings no longer free at Health Department
In the midst of an HIV epidemic, the state Department of Health will begin charging for HIV and sexually transmitted diseases testing.

Slate Magazine || March 9, 2017

by Matt Baume
HIV Criminalization Is Detrimental to Public Health. It’s Time for the Law to Catch Up.
Sero Project thinks 2017 is the year to decriminalize HIV

Money Magazine || March 7, 2017

by Kristen Bahler
This HIV Drug Is Making a Difference. Now Republicans Want to Make It Unaffordable
Health Car Repeal Will Reverse Obamacare’s HIV Progress

POZ Magazine || February 10, 2017

by Trenton Straube
AIDS Art in America That’s Youthful, Even Joyous
Curator Danny Orendorff walks us through the HIV/AIDS exhibition “One day this kid will get larger.”

CityLab || January 23, 2017

by Brentin Mock
What Made Coffeehouse Culture Go Boom?
A not-exactly-empirical analysis of how the cafe became a trademark of almost every city neighborhood.

POZ Magazine || January 9, 2017

by Casey Halter
A Larger Narrative
Kenyon Farrow is the global health policy director at Treatment Action Group (TAG).

POZ Magazine || January 9, 2017

Rod McCollum
Southern Exposure
Structural, social and health barriers—fueled by conservative politics, racism and stigma—are challenging the Black gay and bisexual men at the center of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the South.

Danspace Project || December 2, 2016

by by Alex Fialho
Panel Discussion

Photo courtesy of CUNY

A Clear and Present Danger: “HIV/AIDS Now” in the Era of President Trump?
“What happens to health care, housing, culture and other basic needs for survival after inauguration?” Curator and organizer Ted Kerr projected this and many other pressing questions during his presentation for Danspace Project’s Platform 2016: Lost and Found, just two days after the polarizing election of Donald J. Trump as 45th President of the United States.

The Center for the Humanities || December 1, 2016

by Jaime Shearn Coan
Urgency Just Got a Lot More Urgent: HIV/AIDS Then, Now, and Next

Photo credit: Jaime Shearn Coan

A Matter of Urgency and Agency brought together a remarkable group of activists and cultural workers who have been working on a range of current initiatives related to HIV/AIDS: Jawanza James Williams of Voices of Community Activists and Leaders (VOCAL-NY), Theodore (ted) Kerr, writer and organizer, Kenyon Farrow, essayist and US & Global Health Policy Director for Treatment Action Group (TAG), Robert Sember, Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts at The New School’s Eugene Lang College and member of the sound-art collective ultra-red, and iele paloumpis, dance artist and death doula.

Esquire Magazine || November 29, 2016

by Emily Bass
HIV in America: The Complicated Truth
A guide to the not-so-secret history of HIV, treatment, and activism in the United States.

POZ Magazine || May 13, 2016

Clinton Meets With 20 AIDS Activists; Sanders Reschedules
May 13, 2016

The Advocate || May 2, 2016

by Rod McCollum
The Perfect Storm Facing Black Men on HIV
Government neglect, unemployment, health and socioeconomic disparities, racism, homophobia, and stigma are all contributing to an escalating catastrophe.

Hello Beautiful || March 12, 2016

by Kellee Terrell
She Tried It: Twitter Drags Hillary Clinton For Praising The Reagans’ AIDS Advocacy
In reality, the Reagan administration wanted nothing to do with the disease, waiting six years after the epidemic hit to even address it in a speech.

Odyssey || March 7, 2016

by Tyrice Hester
Let’s Talk About HIV In The Black Gay Community
Advocacy for remission

Truth Out || March 4, 2016

by Mike Ludwig
Ending HIV: A Missing Piece in the Health-Care Debate

The Nation || February 25, 2016

by Tim Murphy
HIV Mystery: Solved?
A remarkable new therapy could finally stop the virus’s spread in the US. But first, it’s gotta work for the people most at risk.

Georgia Voice || February 24, 2016

by Darian Aaron
Black gay men reject ‘lifetime HIV risk estimate’ in new CDC report
Georgia Voice reached out to community activists, black gay men living with HIV, and professionals mobilizing black MSM to combat the disease in order to gauge the implications of the study on prevention efforts, treatment and stigma.

Hello Beautiful || February 27, 2016

by Kellee Terrell
Black Twitter Erupts: Supports Melissa Harris-Perry, While Some Come For Tamron Hall And Joy Reid
Thousands took to social media thanking the anchor for her hard work and intersectional approach to the news.

POZ Magazine || December 31, 2015

Does the ‘Art AIDS America’ Exhibit Include Enough Black Artists?
When the Art AIDS America traveling exhibit opened in October at the Tacoma Art Museum (TAM) in Washington, the show’s two curators expected it to be controversial. Turns out they were right, though not for reasons many predicted.

Hyper Allergic || December 31, 2015

by Ted Kerr
A History of Erasing Black Artists and Bodies from the AIDS Conversation
The murderous impact of homophobia on the AIDS crisis is so apparent and traumatic that the violent, systemic racism that undergirds it gets lost.

GLAAD || December 27, 2015

by Daniel Evans
“We Shall Not Be Removed” sparks discussion about HIV/AIDS among black gay and bisexual men
A four-part Google Hangout series by and for — with Intent of engaging an audience of allies.

The Stranger || December 22, 2015

by Jen Graves
The Protest Over the Lack of Black Artists at Art AIDS America Goes National
Last Thursday’s die-in protest against the lack of Black artists in the exhibition Art AIDS America at Tacoma Art Museum.

POZ Magazine || December 21, 2015

by Olivia G. Ford
Black Lives Matter
Finding common cause fighting violence and HIV

Splinter News || August 18, 2015

by Drew-Shane Daniels
Why black gay men need to talk about PrEP

Spiked Online || August 3, 2015

by Frank Furedi
No, it’s not ‘just like slavery’
So-called modern slavery is more fiction than fact.

AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition || July 22, 2015

by Emily Bass
Real Women Don’t Look Like Models: What the latest paper on hormonal contraception and HIV risk leaves out

AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition || July 22, 2015

#bearsrepeating: New media at Vancouver focuses on familiar, essential concerns

Splinter News || May 5, 2015

by Jorge Rivas
Tiger Mandingo’ is guilty because Missouri law ignores three decades of science

The Atlanta Black Star || March 16, 2015

by Taylor Gordon
8 Controversial Magazine Covers That Were Accused of Being Racist
In 2008, The New Yorker fell under serious scrutiny for featuring an offensive cartoon of the then-presidential candidate on its cover.

The Rainbow Times || February 24, 2015

by Eric Brus
Report: Impact of HIV on Black Gay Men is ‘Greatest’ Failure of US Response to AIDS

POZ Magazine || February 20, 2015

by Visual AIDS
Adam M. Geary: ’Anti-Black racism has been central to the structuring of HIV vulnerability in the U.S. and globally.’

AlterNet || January 21, 2015

by Kali Holloway
Groundbreaking Writer Jeff Chang Talks Bill O’Reilly’s ‘Racist Love,’ Twitter Beefs and Obama’s Best Next Steps
It’s easy to look back at 2008 with a sort of bittersweet nostalgia. A jaded remembrance of the last moment in which our collective naivete or hope, rather – allowed us, if only momentarily, to believe in the possibility that America might someday get beyond race.

The New Inquiry || August 8, 2014

by Christina Sharpe
Further Reading

AIDS Chicago || August 6, 2014

Advocacy groups report to UN on US failures to address the HIV epidemic in communities of color

The Village Voice || February 12, 2014

by Ernest Hardy
The New Black Director Yoruba Richen on Gayness in Black Life: It’s a “Difficult Conversation”

ColorLines || December 3, 2013

by Jamilah King
Five Reasons to Love Brontez Purnell and The Younger Lovers
Brontez Purnell is a black gay punk rocker on a mission. And he wants you to listen.

Bitch Media || September 18, 2013

by Victoria Law
The Dubious Distinction of Being the First Out Trans Woman in Military Prison

Rolling Stone Magazine || July 12, 2013

by Jamie J.Hagen
After Some Celebrating, LGBT Organizations Talk Voting Rights
‘Equality has to exist for all,’ says one leading activist

Windy City Times || July 8, 2013

by Kate Sosin
Esteem Awards honor 25

Photo credit: Kate Sosin

Now in its 7th year, the Esteem Awards honors those who have made significant contributions to Black LGBTQ communities. The ceremony is held in conjunction with Black Gay Pride events. “Nothing feels as good as being honored by your own,” said writer/ activist Kenyon Farrow, who was among the list of national honorees to attend the event. 

Colorlines || June 28, 2013

by Jamilah King
The Trouble With a More ‘Family-Friendly’ and ‘Marriage-Minded’ LGBT Pride
Gay Pride Parades have always been sexually charged spaces. And they should stay that way.

Lamda Literary || June 8, 2013

by Sassafras Lowrey
A Week at Saint And Sinners–A Queer Literary Festival

Family Equality || February 20, 2013

Black History Month-Kenyon Farrow
Throughout the month of February, Family Equality Council is celebrating Black History Month by honoring the accomplishments, contributions, and lives of LGBT Black Americans, past and present.

POZ Magazine || December 12, 2012

by Tomika Anderson
Myths of Black MSM
True: HIV is on the rise among young African-American men who have sex with men. False: Promiscuity is to blame. Studies presented at the XIX International AIDS Conference shed more light on the facts.

Lamda Literary || December 6, 2012

by Edit Team
Reader Meet Author: Personal Advice from Kenyon Farrow
Every month readers can submit questions to a chosen LGBTQ author about love, work, and life, and the author will answer them to the best of their ability. This month’s column is handled by writer and activist Kenyon Farrow.

Visual AIDS || December 6, 2012

Race, Education, and HIV
This weekend saw the release of two essays from writer and activist Kenyon Farrow.

GLAAD || November 11, 2012

by Daryl Hannah
The LGBT Community Mourns the Loss of Activist Brandon Lacy Campos

Between The Lines || August 23rd, 2012

by BTL Staff
Historic Gathering to Tackle ‘Sex and Justice’

Rolling Out || July 12, 2012

by Terry Shropshire
Top 10 Black Gay Celebrities

NY Magazine || July 7, 2012

By Andre Tartar
Intelligencer Is Sorry for Picking on, Quoting Charles Barron

Los Angeles Times || July 5, 2012

by Ernest Hardy
Is Chris Brown the victim of a double standard?
Hosting the Independent Spirit Awards in February, comedian Seth Rogen took a swipe at both pop singer Chris Brown and the Grammys, passing it off as biting social commentary. But why does Brown continue to be dogged by his violent outburst when others are apparently forgiven?

GLAAD || June 25, 2012

By Daryl Hannah
GLAAD and NABJ LGBT Taskforce Tackle Advocacy in the Newsroom

The Root || June 22, 2012

by Joshua R. Weaver
20 Black LGBT Movers and Shakers
June is national LGBT Pride Month, so The Root is presenting 20 advocates, filmmakers, journalists, actors, authors, former athletes and straight allies who have helped break down barriers and change the landscape for today’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

ColorLines || June 19, 2012

by Jamilah King
A New LGBT Politics Seeks To Marry Issues, Not Just People
Decades into the debate over sexuality, equal rights have become the dominant theme. But in cities across the South and Midwest, necessity has forced leaders to think more broadly about their communities, their politics and their tactics.

New City || June 12, 2012

by Matt Bevilacqua
Gentrification: Not Only About White People

The Root || May 5, 2012

Repost of Kenyon Farrow’s Colorlines Article
Black Transgender Defendant Deserves Support

GLAAD || February 14, 2012

Roland Martin to Meet With GLAAD
CNN political analyst Roland Martin posted an apology on his website following calls from GLAAD, the National Black Justice Coalition (NBJC), bloggers, advocates and thousands of Americans.

The Root || February 6, 2012

by Samantha Master
An Open Letter to Roland Martin About Gay Slurs

POZ Magazine || January 9, 2012

Forgotten Sons
by Tomika Anderson
Rates of HIV among young black men who have sex with men continue to skyrocket, leaving people wringing their hands and asking, “What are these men doing?” But the problem is not so much what young black men are doing but rather what is being—and what has been—done to them. And what hasn’t been done for them. || November 30, 2011

by Diane Scholl
Condom Use Higher Among Blacks Than Other Groups, But Not Enough to Beat HIV
Indiana University National Sex Study finds that condom use among Blacks is higher than other ethnic groups, but finds disparities in Black men and women as they age.

POZ Magazine || November 21, 2011

The POZ 100: 26 to 50
100 People, Things and Ideas We Love

Feminsting Five || November 15, 2011

by Anna Sterling
The Feministing Five: Kenyon Farrow
Interview with Kenyon Farrow, the former Executive Director of Queers for Economic Justice.

Daily Caller || October 26, 2011

by Mia Watkins
Color us shocked: Protesters worry the ’99 percent’ are light on diversity

Gothamist || September 29, 2011

by Meryl Cates
SlutWalk Hits NYC On Saturday || August 26, 2011

by Arlene Stein
Right to marry more remote for low-income LGBT couples

The Advocate || July 28, 2011

by Michelle Garcia
NAACP’s Historic Gay Rights Discussion

Black Enterprise || July 19, 2011

Black and LGBT in the Black Church
AIDS/HIV stigma towards LGBT people of color in the church.

The Feminist Wire || July 14, 2011

by Darnell Moore
The Pink Days: Living Happily Ever After the New York State Gay Marriage Bill?

The Village Voice || June 22, 2011

by Joe Erbentraut
Generation HIV: Young Gay Men At Risk

Color Lines || April 18, 2011

Jamilah King
Rapper Lil’ B (Sort of) Embraces Gay Fans to Sell Records
But the artist, who announced that his next album will be called “I’m Gay”, still has a long way to go.

Daily Caller || January 4, 2011

by Ben-Peter Terpstra
Not all gay activists support gay marriage

Variety || June 29, 2010

by Ronnie Schieb
Sex in an Epidemic
A cogent docu with a solid throughline, “Sex in an Epidemic” traces the impact of AIDS on the gay community.

The Advocate || April 7, 2010

by Advocate contributors
Forty Under 40

Racial Equality || 2010

The Layers of Economic Hardship
Queers for Economic Justice has helped foster understanding about the economic injustices facing LGBTQ communities—in New York City and across the country. Interim Executive Director (and renowned blogger) Kenyon Farrow shares why.

GLAAD || December 11, 2009

by Kellee Terrell
“Black & Gay is Beautiful” Launches in NYC Newspaper

Between The LInes || December 3, 2009

BTL Staff. Compiled by Howard Israel
S/he said: Shannan Wilber, Joe Solmonese, Kenyon Farrow

Colorlines || February 3-4, 2009

by Julianne Hinge
“It’s a little rappy!”
Creating Change 2009 – The Good, The Bad, The Beautiful

Edge Media Network || July 14, 2008

by Ben Briscoe
LGBT rights step forward as ’Old Guard’ leader passes away

Colorlines || June 23, 2008

by Jonathan Adams
Two of Newark Four’s Convictions Tossed
H/T Kenyon Farrow Do you remember the story of the four lesbians convicted for

Bay Area Reporter || April 7, 2008

by Bob Roehr
CDC’s HIV numbers reflect new reporting data

Between The Lines || April 3, 2008

by BTL Staff
U.S. HIV cases up in 2006 – Maybe

Facing South || December 4, 2007

by Sue Sturgis
Shine a Light on AIDS prevention gaps

POZ Magazine || October 4, 2006

by Laura Whitehorn
No More Drama: Black Theater Takes on Homophobia

Gay City News || August 9, 2006

by Andy Hum
New Briefs

Monthly Review || April 1, 2006

by Elizabeth Wrigley-Field
Rebellion of a New Generation

POZ Magazine || February 8, 2006

A Black AIDS Ministry Preaches Awareness
by Kellee Terrell

Earth Island Journal || Spring 2006

by Audrey Webb
In Review: Letters from Young Activist: Today’s Rebels Speak Out

New York Times || September 16, 2005

by Andy Newman
Serving Gays Who Serve God

Publishers Weekly || September 12, 2005

Letters from Young Activists: Today’s Rebels Speak Out (Review)

Gay City News || August 10, 2005

by Hannah Seligson
A Harlem Gathering to Fight Homophobia

Gay City News || January 26, 2005

by Andy Humm
Unforgivable Blackface

New York Times || March 3, 2000

by D.J.R. Bruckner
THEATER REVIEW; Puzzling Over the Intentions On a Bumpy Road to Heaven

Panels & Keynotes

Lamda LitFest || October 9, 2020

Sex & Body Politics
Moderated by Kenyon Farrow with Nashon Dion Anderson, Randa Jarrar, Kokumo, and Brontez Purnell.
A panel where there are no rules or norms to follow. Panelists are free to say what they want about sex and the body without censorship. This is a conversation where BIPOC LGBTQIA+ writers will share how sex & body politics manifests in their writing.

Data & Society || April 17, 2020

Network Talks Zoom Conference with Kenyon Farrow and Tamara Knopper
THE FACT OF BLACKNESS: COVID-19, Medical Data, and the Racial Design of Public Health

For this Data & Society Network Talk, public health expert Kenyon Farrow and sociologist Tamara K. Nopper discussed racial disparities in COVID-19’s impact, reporting, and analyses.

TheBody: Webinar || April 16, 2020

by Myles Helfand
America Has Responded to Outbreaks With Fear and Discrimination Many Times Before. With Coronavirus, We Can Do Better

by Virgina Wardell
Policing Pandemics’ On The Dangers of Criminalization During Pandemic

Center for HIV Law & Policy

Criminology and the medical industry might not seem connected at first. TheBody proved otherwise in a webinar that considered the dangers of criminalization during the COVID-19 pandemic

National LGBT Cancer Network || April 15, 2020

Webinar: LGBTQ+ Organizer COVID-19 Convening: HIV + Promising Practices for Connecting

“As As Much As I Can” Panel || September 18, 2019

Discussing Black Gay Men and HIV w/Kenyon Kenyon Farrow and Darnell Moore. Moderated by Emil Wilbekin

This conversation at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, was part of a community engagement event that included previews of the show As Much As I Can at Joe’s Pub.

Left Forum || June 29, 2019

Stonewall and Beyond: Queer Liberation

NAACHO || June 5, 2019

Webinar: The High Cost of PrEP: Updates on Community and Health Department Efforts to Get Affordable TDF/FTC (Truvada) to Those Who Need

Queer Disruptions Conference || February 28, 2019

Queer Disruptions III: Hosted by Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies Council at Columbia University
This will be the third year of Queer Disruptions (QD3), and this year an international slate of esteemed scholars, activists, and artists will convene to celebrate GLQ’s 25th anniversary and to reflect on the seminal conference Black Nations/Queer Nations from 1995.

Visual AIDS || June 14, 2018

Dismantling HIV Criminalization: A Panel Discussion

Dismantling HIV Criminalization brought together activists and advocates working to end practices that punish and incarcerate people living with HIV, linking Visual AIDS’ summer exhibition Cell Count to the ongoing movement against HIV criminalization.

The panel featured a discussion between Kate Boulton of the Center for HIV Law and Policy, Kenyon Farrow of, Abdul-Aliy Muhammad of the Black and Brown Workers Collective, and Robert Suttle of the Sero Project.

Kate, Kenyon and Robert had just returned from the 2018 HIV is Not a Crime Conference in Indianapolis, where activists from around the country gathered to build a national movement against HIV criminalization.

Rutgers University || November 2, 2017

“Organizing, Resisting, Surviving”
IRW Distinguished Lecture Series Panel Discussion
with LA Kauffman, Kenyon Farrow, and Robyn Rodriguez

Visual AIDS || September 27, 2017

Activists, Avatars, Nineties to Now: Stephen Barker, Kenyon Farrow, Mark Harrington, Marlene McCarty
Moderated by Kenyon Farrow, this panel brought together artists and activists Stephen Barker, Mark Harrington and Marlene McCarty to discuss their longtime HIV/AIDS activism.

Funders Concerned About AIDS Summit || September 18, 2017

FCAA Summit: Advocacy Works

This panel discussed what was needed to fight some of the uphill battles around funding cuts to come. It also examined why continued investment in advocacy is crucial to maintaining progress in our efforts to prevent new HIV infections and to continue to scale up treatment. Special emphasis was placed on the political fall-out/impact on family planning and women’s issues.

Harm Reduction Coalition || September 8th, 2017

Kenyon Farrow Interviewed Michael Rice on Facebook Live
A Discussion on Crystal Meth Use in Black and Latino MSM Communities

Harm Reduction Coalition and BEAM presented Talking Tina: A Facebook Live Discussion on Crystal Meth Use in Black and Latino MSM Communities. The discussion was hosted by Kenyon Farrow, Policy Director, for Treatment Action Group and Micheal Rice, Director of the documentary ParTy Boi.

University of Maryland || April 21, 2017

DC Queer Studies 2017: “Punks, Bulldaggers, And Welfare Queens”
Twenty Years Later: A Celebration Of The Scholarship Of Cathy Cohen
Panel 1: Politics of Community Health

Mount Sinai West || February 1, 2017

Mount Sinai West Recognizes World AIDS Day

In observance of World AIDS Day, the Mount Sinai Institute for Advanced Medicine hosted Kenyon Farrow, U.S. and Global Health Policy Director with the Treatment Action Group, for an in-depth discussion of racial justice in HIV prevention and treatment. 

Drug Policy Alliance || October 19, 2016

White Faces, Black Lives: Race and Reparative Justice in the Era of a “Gentler War on Drugs” held at Columbia University on October 19, 2016.

AIDS 2016 || July 21, 2016

Advocacy Tactics II: Communities Challenging Human Rights Violations

Civil Liberties and Public Policy Conference || April 8, 2016

Kenyon Farrow speaks at the opening plenary, “Speaking Out for Reproductive Freedom,” at the 35th anniversary CLPP conference, “From Abortion Rights to Social Justice: Building the Movement for Reproductive Freedom”.

HIV Prevention Justice Alliance || May 12, 2015

Harm Reduction and Human Rights: Strategies on Expanding Harm Reduction Through Human Rights
AIDS United, Drug Policy Alliance and the HIV Prevention Justice Alliance presents a discussion on how community harm reduction advocates, activists, policymakers and practitioners are reframing drug use with a human rights and structural lens, and as a public health issue, instead of a criminal issue. Panelists discuss and share their perspective and strategies in how they are utilizing human rights as a way to expand harm reduction, while uplifting the rights of people who use drugs.

Harvard University || April 2, 2015

How Policy And Community Mobilization Can Promote Equality In HIV Prevention
at T.H. Chan School of Public Health

AIDS United || February 3, 2015

We Shall Not Be Removed: Marlon Riggs’ Legacy and This Political Moment – LIVE Edition
In this video, AIDS United presents its first piece in a series of Google Hangouts addressing the realities of living with HIV and AIDS among gay and bisexual men of color. The video was released on February 3, 2015 in honor of the birthday of the late, black gay filmmaker, Marlon Riggs. The panelists — which include Yolo Akili, Kenyon Farrow, Charles Stephens, and Aquarius Gilmer — discuss the impact of Marlon Riggs, leadership in AIDS organizations, and how to better serve the community of gay and bisexual men of color.

University of Wisconsin Madison || October 9, 2014

Activist Kenyon Farrow Speaks On Racial Equality
Farrow will speak on police brutality in Ferguson and beyond in addition to the growing criminalization and institutionalization of African Americans. As he critiques our criminal justice system, Farrow will explore ways that we can intervene and resist. The discussion also will focus on Dane County and the Race to Equity Report, local statistics on racial and economic injustice and inequality in Dane County and the Greater Madison Area.

University of Miami | April 11, 2014

Thinking Queer Activism Transnationally

International Experts Convene at University of Miami to Discuss LGBTQ Activism

How can activists take action to address LGBTQ needs across borders without engaging in the so-called “white-savior industrial complex”? Which strategies will achieve results without exacerbating the very questions of sovereignty that have made LGBTQ rights a politicized contemporary issue? Can scholars and activists forge new connections and engage in intellectual and strategic exchanges to invigorate transnational projects and make LGBTQ lives better? What should “internet activism” become in an era of both instant virtual connectedness and radical inequality? What about issues of class, race, and gender within the U.S.?

Wooster School || February 19, 2014

Wooster School’s Film Teachers Chat During OVEE™ Interactive Screening!
Wooster School’s video and film teachers, Douglas Dempsey and Karen Thorsen, are the filmmakers of the award-winning biography “James Baldwin: The Price of the Ticket.”
The screening  was followed by a chat with filmmakers Karen Thorsen and Douglas Dempsey and writer/activist Kenyon Farrow. The event was hosted by PBS/American Masters, ITVS, and AFROPUNK, the cultural movement.

Barnard Center for Research on Women || October 2013

Why Gay Marriage? Follow The Money
In October 2013, BCRW and The Engaging Tradition Project at The Center for Gender and Sexuality Law at Columbia Law School co-convened a conference called Queer Dreams and Non-Profit blues to examine the critiques emerging from queer and feminist activists and scholars about the impact of funding on social movement agendas and formations.

Penn State || February 27, 2013

Kenyon Farrow Public Lecture
“Who’s Family? Black Communities and Gender in the Age of the Culture Wars”

The New School for Social Research || December 7, 2012

Marriage and Equality with Melissa Harris-Perry
During this forum, marriage and equality were treated as separate but related constructs while exploring the functions and identities of marriage, from an expression of attachment and affection to a powerful social institution.

David Gilbert Book Release || May 27, 2012

Love and Struggle: My Life in SDS, the Weather Underground, and Beyond
One of America’s most celebrated political prisoners since his appearance in the Academy Award nominated film, The Weather Underground, David Gilbert is also the author of No Surrender, a book of essays on politics and history.

With Lumumba Bandele, Dan Berger, Terry Bisson, Kenyon Farrow, Matt Meyer, Dequi Sadiki, Meg Starr, Challenging Male Supremacy Group & Laura Whitehorn. Moderated by Kazembe Balagun.

Hamilton College || October 18, 2011

Kenyon Farrow to Deliver Coming Out Month Address
Keynote Titled, “Is Black the New Gay?”

Slut Walk NYC || October 1, 2011

Kenyon Farrow describes the effects of rape culture on male-identified and queer people, as well as the reasons behind his personal reclamation of words like ‘slut.’

Case Western Reserve University || September 30, 2011

National Coming Out Day discussion with Kenyon Farrow
When the Rainbow Ain’t Enough: Queer Youth Suicides and the LGBT Movement

National Center for Transgender Equality || July 6, 2011

The Current State of LGBT Movements

Visual AIDS at La Mama || June 2, 2011

Mixed Messengers Talk: A panel discussion among the creative teams behind recent HIV prevention campaigns.
Moderated by Kenyon Farrow, Co-editor of Letters from Young Activists.
Mixed Messages curated by John Chaich for Visual AIDS, presents over forty text-based works by visual artists and designers whose reactions to and connections through HIV/AIDS reflect the contemporary moment’s tenor on the pandemic.

Grand Valley State University || February 24, 2011

Kenyon Farrow’s “Change U” speech at the GVSU Milton E. Ford LGBT Resource Center.

Woodhull Freedom Foundation || September 23, 2010

Aging, Racial, Reproductive and Economic Justice
Sexual Freedom Day 2010

UCLA || August 23, 2009

UCLA to host conference on revolutionary and controversial new strategy to combat HIV
UCLA’s Center for HIV Identification, Prevention and Treatment Services (CHIPTS) will co-host “Preparing for PrEP: A Stakeholder’s Dialogue,” a one-day conference comprising researchers, policy makers, providers, consumers and community representatives who will explore how PrEP could impact HIV prevention efforts if it proves to be efficacious.

NO! The Rape Documentary || April 26, 2009

The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement & The Women of Color Caucus presented:
NO! The Rape Documentary Film Screening and Discussion
Panel Discussion following the film Featuring Aishah Shahidah Simmons, Salamishah Tillet, Byron Hurt, and Kenyon Farrow.

NO! is a groundbreaking documentary about sexual assault in the Black Community that explores the international realities of rape, sexual assault and other forms of violence against women through the first person testimonies, scholarship, spirituality, activism and cultural work of African-Americans.

University of Wisconsin-Madison || April 21, 2009

New Arguments for Liberation Panel
with Jaime Grant and Kenyon Farrow, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
This talk addressed how members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) communities often find the biological argument for civil rights distasteful and even disingenuous.

2009 Creating Change Conference || January 31, 2009

Task Force Policy Institute Fellow Kenyon Farrow speaks at the plenary session “HIV/AIDS Crisis: This Is What We’re Doing About it!” at the 21st National Conference on LGBT Equality: Creating Change.

The Audre Lorde Project || October 1, 2008

Ernest Hardy Reading from bloodbeats vol.2
the bootleg joints. Moderated by Kenyon Farrow

Macalaster College || September 14, 2006

Is Gay Marriage Anti-Black?
Race Politics and the Gay Marriage Movement
A lecture by Kenyon Farrow

Open Society Foundation || June 7, 2006

Surveillance in America—From the War on Drugs to the War on Terror

Pennsylvania University || January 23, 2006

Rap, Race and Black-Asian Relations
Conversation between Kenyon Farrow and Jeff Chang
Since the 1992 Los Angeles riots, the topic of post Civil Rights era race relations in America has gained greater attention among a broad range of people, including academics, community activists and pop culture aficionados.  And in the last decade hip-hop has become a popular topic of debate among activists and intellectuals.  “Rap, Race & Black-Asian Relations” will bring the two conversations together to explore how the two groups engage one another vis-a-vis hip-hop and what impact this has on their relations in general.

The New School || April 7, 2006

The Prison Industry: Artistic Approaches to Activism
Moderated by Kenyon Farrow for The Vera List Center for Art and Politics at The New School.
The program investigated notions of punishment and imprisonment, repentance and acquittal to address the prison industry, while focusing on artistic approaches to activism and reform.

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